Express Combank

Express Combank's creative financing delivers fully underwritten solutions in a variety of industries and across the spectrum of the capital structure


We guarantee effective and comprehensive representation for you or your business. Our reputation and history of successful transactions and clients speak for themselves. We pride ourselves in helping our clients - large or small, obtain streamline financing even in today's economy’ investing in stocks, leveraged financed, stock market research

Our unique
portfolio of lending allows us to deliver the most superior financial product in the market today.



We serve a wide range of client from High Net worth, Executives, Affiliates, Real Estate Investors, etc. and every client relationship is valued greatly. Each engagement benefits from the depth and breadth of our expertise and our genuine concern for your greater good.


Our firm is leading the way in global finance. With an ever changing global financial climate, you need someone on your side who knows how to accomplish the unthinkable.


Express Combank's Specialty Lending Products Including:

  • Stock Loans/Bank Warrants Loans
  • Medical Injury Advance
  • Real Estate Development Loans
  • Luxury Properties and Jewelry Loans
  • Aircraft/Jet and Luxury Yacht Loan
  • International Projects Acquisition
  • Antique Automobile Loans
  • Merge and Acquisition M&A Loans

STOCK LOANS: Express Combank offers the widest variety of stock loan and securities based financing solutions in the industry. If you have a liquid, publicly traded stock on any major stock exchange worldwide, chances are we can help. Funding is typically within a week. We specialize in designing quick-funding securities based financing solutions specific to our clients' needs.

MEDICAL INJURY ADVANCE: Express Combank is a leader in providing financial solutions to medical professionals and personal injury victims. We understand the complications of having stagnant cash flows. For personal injury victims, we know the frustrations that comes with case settlements, so we can get you the cash you need. With medical professionals, we provide working capital and steady cash flow. Express Combank is an expert at designing funding solutions to fit your needs. Express Combank strength is its connections with legal community.

This means we understand the intricacies of your case - We are experts at getting you the cash you need.

AIRCRAFT - YACHT FINANCE: Express Combank is now financing your business jet/aircraft/yacht in line with your needs. Through Express Combank team of specialists, you can benefit from our global network and efficient processing of the transaction.

Our customized financing solutions are structured so that you can optimize your tax and liquidity situation.

Express Combank is now financing new or used business jets, aircrafts for business or private use.

Loan amount range from: $10 to $60 Millions or equivalent in foreign currency

Loan Term: Maximum 10 years


  • Aircraft Mortgage Loan
  • Sale/Leaseback and Refinance


  • Efficient use of your liquidity by leveraging the aircraft
  • Customized service and short processes
  • Choice of short- or long-term fixed interest rates
  • In-depth expertise and years of experience in the aircraft business

Call Express Combank Specialty Lending Team Today: 408-345-5551 or 833-888-8ECB