Express Combank offers working capital loan programs to support US exporters.

Repayment terms are determined by several variables including borrower's financial conditions, products in market, specific industries practices and country conditions. Repayment terms are up to five years are general available for exports of capital equipment and services. Terms of up to 10 years are available for exports to large-scale projects.

Import-Export Financing can be used for:

  • Purchase finished products for export
  • Finance foreign receivables;
  • Pay for raw materials, supplies, labor and overhead need to produce goods for export;
  • Cover standby letter of credit serving as bid/performance bonds or payment guarantees

INTERNATIONAL TRADE FINANCE: Express Combank brings world-class factoring solutions to international and domestic businesses. Our customized services are designed to increase working capital for international companies that sell goods to the United States and Canada.
Instead of waiting 30 to 90 days for customer payments, you can turn your company's receivables into immediate working capital with Express Combank. We advance up to 95% of your invoice.

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