The Power of Capital

Express Combank - ECB Investment group is a long-standing, well capitalized national commercial and business finance lender. Leaning on rich experience as the investment banker and consultant to our lender, fill a growing working capital niche in the current economic climate, Express Combank ECB specializes in helping our clients boost immediate cash flow and regain business momentum.

Express Combank is a direct wholesale lender and finance company that prides itself on unparalleled service and performance. We are committed to providing unbiased lending advice and prudent strategies for our clients. Our services are always tailored to each unique lending need.

We provide a great variety of lending based on different credits and loan solutions. Our lending products offer broad and extremely diverse, universal options for every need and every situation at the very best price and highest quality standards.

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  • Stock Loans Solutions
  • Aircraft - Yatch - Jet Financing
  • Super Jumbo Mortgage
  • Loans to Foreigners
  • Commercial Real Estate Finance
  • Domestic and International Acquisition & Development Financing
  • Medical Cash Advance
  • Import-Export Lending
  • Construction Lending & Bridge Loans




Partners Resource

At Express Combank, we strive to build successful long-term relationships with our origination partners. Our goal is to be your lender of choice by providing an exceptional lending experience through:

  • Quick, Dedicated, and Responsive Service
  • Advanced and Integrated Technological Solutions
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Commercial Insurance

As one of the leading insurance firm in the region, we specialize in commercial and business insurance. We will craft a comprehensive solution to protect your entire business, including all your business, property, equipment, casualty, worker comps and health insurance needs.


We are nationally recognized as leaders in meeting the insurance, risk management and bonding needs of contractors. We utilize insurance programs ranging from evaluation of bond premiums, and corporate and personal indemnity requirements, to bond request procedures and analytical processes and underwriting.[...]